Adhesive Plaster with Zink Oxide ALDENA

Adhesive Plaster with Zink Oxide ALDENA

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The innovative plaster on a roll with a practical zig-zag edge-tearing WITHOUT scissors.

*Easy to use-anywhere, anytime!

*Secure Fixation*

*Strong Adhesiveness*

Available sizes: 1.25смх5м; 2.5смх5м. Packaging:12 pcs per pack

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The adhestive plaster is made of textile basis with a cover of zink oxide. It is used for covering and fixation of dressings, gauzes, catheters, drainages, etc. 

Instructons for use: Carefully clean the wound and the zone around it. Cover it with a gauze. Teat by hand the length of the adhesive plaster that you will need. Gently fix the plaster on top of the gauze.

Sizes: 1.25смх5м; 2.5смх5м; 5смх5м.

Packaging:1pcs in a box; 2 pcs per foiled packs


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