Sterile Gauze Swabs ALDENA - 5 pcs.

Sterile Gauze Swabs ALDENA - 5 pcs.

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* Hydrophilic gauze

* 100% natural cotton

* 17 threads/см2

* 8 ply


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Sterile gauzes are wound dressing material, sterilized with ethylene oxide (ЕО). They are used for treating and covering of wounds, for reliable protection from infections, in the operation theather or at home. 

Instructions for use: Clean carefully the wound and the area around it. Place the gauze on top of the wound to cover it completely. Fix the gauze in place with a adhesive plaster ALDENA. Renew the gauze as often as necessary or at least once per day.

Packaging: 5 pcs in a sterile pack; 20packs in a box. 

Manufactured in accordance of European Standatd EN 14079:2003 The sterile gauze is for single use. If the packaged is compromised, use the gauze as nonsterile.


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