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ALD Import Ltd. was established in 2009 in Plovdiv. During this time, it managed to build an excellent reputation based on high product quality, rich assortment and professionalism.

The main focus of the company is the direct import and wholesale of medical and dental disposable products. Due to the economy of scales, we have the pleasure to offer you, the specialists, certified and reliable products at extremely competitive prices!

During the years, we have substantially increased our product catalogue; the listed items below are only one small fraction of it:

  1. Disposable gloves ALDENA –made of latex, vinyl, nitrile; powdered and powder-free; various colours.
  2. Pregnancy and Ovulation tests Lady test- single strip, 2 strips in a box, cassette, midstream/pen.
  3. Natural mosquito repellent products MOSkiddo –wristbands and stickers.
  4. Incontinence series ALDENA -adult diapers, pants, anatomic pads, medical bedsheets .
  5. Gauze products ALDENA-gauze swabs, rolls, adhesive plasters, urine containers.

Our team consists of experienced and energetic professionals, among whom are your pharma colleagues, will understand your requirements, will fulfill your orders swiftly and will be at your assistance for consultations and additional information.

Why you should choose ALD-Import as your reliable supplier?

* Direct Importer- no intermediaries that can inflate the prices!

90% of the products that are on our website are our direct import, which guarantees you the best possible prices without additional expenses.

          * We keep large stocks in our warehouse… at ALL times!

Unlike other companies, focusing on a myriad of products out of which they keep limited stocks, with us there is an extremely minimal chance that we have run out of a product. Thus, again you save  time in the search of the products that you need. You will simply find them in our warehouse at the quantity you wish.

* Small orders are welcome!

Whaever you need and in whichever quantities- you will find it here. At a lower price!                                  

* Quick Delivery

The delivery takes different time depending on your location. We use Speedy couriers with quick delivery to Greece and to Romania.


We look forward to doing business with you!