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Vinyl gloves ALDENA, powder-free

Disposable protective and examination gloves made of vinyl.

They are latex-free, powder-free, nonsterile, ambidextrous.


Price excl. tax:4.67лв.
Price inc. tax:5.60лв.

Medical Bonnets of Nonwoven textile, 100pcs

the bonnets are wide and with high elasticity Available colours: blue, white
Price excl. tax:3.70лв.
Price inc. tax:4.44лв.

Medical Coat for Men with long sleeve, white M6

Medical work coat with knee-length, long sleeve, 3 pockers, collar with lapel, tick tack buttons. Material: cotton/polyester, 120 gr/m² Sizes: 42-62 Colours: white
Price excl. tax:20.85лв.
Price inc. tax:25.02лв.

Nitrile gloves ALDENA, powder-free BLUE

Disposable protective and examination gloves made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). They are latex-free, powder-free, nonsterile, ambidextrous.

Price excl. tax:6.25лв.
Price inc. tax:7.50лв.

Latex gloves ALDENA, powdered

Latex examination gloves - powdered - non-sterile - ambidextrous - singe use only

Price excl. tax:4.75лв.
Price inc. tax:5.70лв.

Latex gloves ALDENA, Powder-Free 100 pcs

Disposable protective and examination gloves made of natural latex without powder.

Price excl. tax:5.92лв.
Price inc. tax:7.10лв.

Sterile Powdered Surgical gloves

Waterproof personal protective gloves against low chemical risks and microorganism cat III.

Surgical Gloves

* Made of natural rubber latex

* Lightly powdered for easier donning

* Sterilized with Gamma rays

*Anatomical, micro tectured


Price excl. tax:0.40лв.
Price inc. tax:0.48лв.

Surgical face mask ALDENA, elastic 50 pcs


When you want to keep your Health!

* High Filtration Capacity>95%

* Breathable material

* Does not contain glass fibers;

* Latex free;

Price excl. tax:2.35лв.
Price inc. tax:2.82лв.

Medical Coat for Ladies with Short Sleeve, white, M4

Work Coat for ladies, knee length, short sleeve, 3 pockets, tick tack buttons. collar with lapel. Material: cotton/polyester, 120gr/m² Colour: White Size: 40-58
Price excl. tax:18.96лв.
Price inc. tax:22.75лв.

Nitrile powder-free gloves Fuchsia with Collagen- 100pcs

Disposable examination gloves in colour fuscia. It has nurturing layer of collagen and alantoin- it makes the hands hydrated. Nonsterile made of high quality nitrile. Latex free, powder-free, allergen-free. Resistance to chemicals, fingers-textured. 100pcs in a box, 1000pcs. in a carton
Price excl. tax:10.38лв.
Price inc. tax:12.46лв.
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