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PROMO PACKS Pregnancy and Ovulations tests Lady test

PROMO PACK size М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size XL = 75+25 or 33% additional discount 

Price excl. tax:3.10лв.
Price inc. tax:3.72лв.
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PROMO Packs Adhesive Bandages 6x10cm 10pcs

PROMO PACK size М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK size L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK size XL = 75+25 or 33% additional discount

Price excl. tax:11.00лв.
Price inc. tax:13.20лв.
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PROMO Packs Adhesive Bandages 20pcs.

PROMO PACK size М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK size L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK size XL = 75+25 or 32% additional discount

Price excl. tax:9.00лв.
Price inc. tax:10.80лв.
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PROMO PACKS Adhesive Plasters

PROMO PACK М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK XL = 75+25 or 33% additional discount

Price excl. tax:58.50лв.
Price inc. tax:70.20лв.
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PROMO PACK Sterile gauze swabs x 5pcs.

PROMO PACK size М = 18+2 or 11% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size L = 50+10 or 20% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size XL = 150+50 or 32% additional discount 

Price excl. tax:25.00лв.
Price inc. tax:30.00лв.
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PROMO PACKS MOSkiddo mosquito Repellent Bracelets

The sizes of the bracelets are two- for children and for adults and they should be evenly distributed in the below 

PROMO PACK М = 10+2 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK L = 20+6 or 30% additional discount

PROMO PACK XL = 70+30 or 42% additional discount

If you wish to make any adjustment in the sizes in your order, please contact us at tel

+35932/941 602; +3593232/966 871 or email us at

Price excl. tax:23.50лв.
Price inc. tax:28.20лв.
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Price excl. tax:1.02лв.
Price inc. tax:1.22лв.

BIO deodorant cream Just Amazing 50ml

Deo Cream Just Amazing contains baking soda and bio essence oils. 

It is effective of up to 24 hours, without aluminium sulfides, 100% natural protection with fresh aroma of citrus


Economical- small quantity is put gently in the armpit.

Made in Bulgaria 

Price excl. tax:10.30лв.
Price inc. tax:12.36лв.

TICK TWEEZER -Hook for removing Ticks

Tick Tweezer is a functional tool especially designed for removing ticks on the skin of people and animals. the set contains two sizes -for small and big ticks.

Price excl. tax:4.59лв.
Price inc. tax:5.51лв.
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Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves ALDENA, powder-free BLUE

Price excl. tax:6.25лв.
Price inc. tax:7.50лв.
Shoe covers ALDENA, 100pcs

CPE Shoe covers ALDENA, 100pcs

Price excl. tax:2.50лв.
Price inc. tax:3.00лв.
Latex gloves

Latex gloves ALDENA, powdered

Price excl. tax:4.75лв.
Price inc. tax:5.70лв.


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