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Disposable Saliva Ejector, 100pcs

The saliva ejectors are thick, reliable and practical, come in various colours- purple, blue, green, yellow, orange.

Please mark as a note in your order which colour you would like to receive!

Price excl. tax:4.50лв.
Price inc. tax:5.40лв.

PROMO Packs Adhesive Bandages 6x10cm 10pcs

PROMO PACK size М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK size L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK size XL = 75+25 or 33% additional discount

Price excl. tax:11.00лв.
Price inc. tax:13.20лв.

PROMO Packs Adhesive Bandages 20pcs.

PROMO PACK size М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK size L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK size XL = 75+25 or 32% additional discount

Price excl. tax:9.00лв.
Price inc. tax:10.80лв.

PROMO PACKS Adhesive Plasters

PROMO PACK М = 10+1 or 10% additional discount

PROMO PACK L = 20+4 or 20% additional discount

PROMO PACK XL = 75+25 or 33% additional discount

Price excl. tax:7.80лв.
Price inc. tax:9.36лв.

PROMO PACK Sterile gauze swabs x 5pcs.

PROMO PACK size М = 18+2 or 11% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size L = 50+10 or 20% additional discount 

PROMO PACK size XL = 150+50 or 32% additional discount 

Price excl. tax:15.00лв.
Price inc. tax:18.00лв.

Latex gloves ALDENA, Powder-Free 100 pcs

Disposable protective and examination gloves made of natural latex without powder.

Price excl. tax:5.92лв.
Price inc. tax:7.10лв.

Pillbox with 7 sections ALDENA, plastic

Colourful and very practical

Price excl. tax:0.85лв.
Price inc. tax:1.02лв.

CPE Shoe covers ALDENA, 100pcs

The shoe covers are single-use only, one size, unisex. They are made of Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE),2.3gr

Price excl. tax:2.50лв.
Price inc. tax:3.00лв.

Digital thermometer ALDENA

  • *Easy to read LCD display;
  • *Readout time: 60 seconds with beeper 
  • *High Accuracy: ±0.1° С;
  • *Range: 32.0÷42.9° С;
  • *Memory of last measurement;
  • *Automatic shut down. 
Price excl. tax:1.90лв.
Price inc. tax:2.28лв.

Adhesive Plaster with Zink Oxide ALDENA

The innovative plaster on a roll with a practical zig-zag edge-tearing WITHOUT scissors.

*Easy to use-anywhere, anytime!

*Secure Fixation*

*Strong Adhesiveness*

Available sizes: 1.25смх5м; 2.5смх5м. Packaging:12 pcs per pack

Price excl. tax:0.48лв.
Price inc. tax:0.58лв.
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